I’m back!



12112309_10206241139320914_43954770299038601_n[1] It has been a long time since I have written much in this blog. In fact, it’s coming up on three years. I’ve shared the thoughts of others and written a few passing thoughts but nothing consistent. When I began the blog, I was caring for my father-in-law in our home as he was going through the last couple years of his life as an Alzheimer’s patient. That season had its weight of stress but it also allowed me plenty of “free time” to read, contemplate and write the things I believed the Lord was showing me about the connection between marriage and being a follower of Christ. Seasons changed and I went back to work as a Therapist and Treatment Coordinator at Son Village in Welches, OR. That shift created for me the best work experience of my life as I joined with some dear brothers and sisters who would become some of dearest friends. Unfortunately, Son Village went the way of so many non-profit agencies – it closed due to poor funding. Since that time, I have been working as a Mental Health Professional at MacLaren Youth Facility that jails adolescent males and young men who have committed various crimes in the State of Oregon. All this to say, I had found it difficult to get into a rhythm of intentional writing since having a “real job”. Well, now I am feeling re-energized and desirous of sharing my heart again and renewing the intentions of “This Profound Mystery – Contemplating the interweaving of marriage and following Jesus”. So, keep your eyes open for upcoming posts. I would love your input and feedback as I seek the Lord to kick start this renewed effort. Love you guys and hope that we can share together what Jesus is teaching us all, both in marriage and as His disciples.



2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Hi Mark. Glad to see your “resurrection” on this blog. The topic you have chosen is important and I look forward to your thoughts. In my Catholic faith we see great emphasis on the spirituality of marriage and how Jesus brought us into spiritual marriage with Himself. We see that in marriage the husband and wife have a mutual obligation toward each other to do what we can to make sure our spouse gets to Heaven. This is both a sacrificial and salvific obligation. We also see that Jesus called us into spiritual marriage with Himself and He becomes an integral part and partner of our own earthly marriage. In the Hebrew Testament, we see how God developed His relationship with man, starting with the acquaintance with Abraham and establishing His authority, and then later moving toward a courtship through Moses and David, the Song of Songs of Solomon and its pervading marital imagery, bringing us to a betrothal with Himself, as seen most clearly in Psalm 139. When Jesus came, He taught a relationship of love, bringing us to the fulfillment of the courtship as far as it can be short of Heaven itself, teaching us of His mercy, and in His Passion gave Himself entirely to us, and said from the Cross, “It is consummated.” Through this He calls us to offer ourselves entirely to Him, just as we offer ourselves completely to our spouse in marriage. Hand in hand we follow Him on our new Exodus toward the eternal promised land, as the gospel of Luke tells us in the account of the Transfiguration.
    I look forward to your contributions on this topic. Welcome back.

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