True Intimacy


“… true intimacy is a result of both of us pursuing our Savior first. Human intimacy is best when it is birthed in heavenly intimacy. When I am sitting in God’s presence, His redeeming, saving, and transforming presence – that is when I’ve found I’m truly able to love my husband best.” Selena Frederick, Fierce Marriage


One thought on “True Intimacy

  1. We need to stay close to Jesus… We need to love God above all… We need to do all those things God ask of us… Cling to Jesus… Love Him with all your heart… Love your brothers and sisters… Say what you mean and mean what you say… ” The Our Father ” Pray for one another… Forgive one another… Have compassion for one another… Seek The Face of Jesus… He is all around us… Closer then you think… Jesus in The Real Presence of Himself… Christ

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