A Vast God in My Marriage



“Many explanations could be offered to Brian and Kara (a fictitious couple) about why things have gone wrong and how they can try to fix them. But explanations alone will not bring them to a new place in their marriage. Explanation by itself may bring temporary insight and change, but nothing that lasts. The vastness of God’s glory needs to loom so large before their eyes that they can see their problems in proper perspective. The courage to hope for lasting change is only as big as the God their imagination— and ours— is able to see. When I see my identity in Christ, God’s presence and provision, and what he is doing in the process , I am willing and able to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise. Brian and Kara are beginning to do this in small but important ways.”

Lane, Timothy S.; Paul David Tripp (2006-11-01). Relationships: A Mess Worth Making (p. 164). New Growth Press. Kindle Edition.


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