Following Alone

I can see where there may be such a thing as being “persecuted” in marriage because of one’s desire to follow hard after Christ and one’s partner having no such desire or is content with their comfortable yet stagnate “form of religion”. A lack of intensity and intention to be fully led by the Spirit by either will lead to conflict. Now the question becomes for the dedicated believer, “How do I reflect the heart, submission and servant-hood of Jesus in the midst of such disquieting tension and difference?” Where do I find the “blessing”? Matthew 5.10-12

2 thoughts on “Following Alone

  1. Lynette, what a rich topic! As a lover of God happily married to a skeptical scientist agnostic, I have struggled with staying true to my faith and respecting his sensibilities. Through much prayer, God has reassured me that God loves my spouse right where he is, and I can leave it all in God’s hands.
    At the same time, I have had to claim the space I need to stay close to my beloved creator, even if it means going to church alone every Sunday. My husband has come around to acceptance even if he doesn’t understand my need to do this. I think the key is respect on both sides. Tricky business, though!

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