Mercy IV



Have you ever wondered what it means for the people of God to be granted the honor of being “priests” of our God and Father (Revelation 1.6)? Probably not because we rarely hear ourselves referring to one another as priests – but we are. Just like every believer is a saint (Romans 1.7), so it is that every believer is a priest. What are the implications of this role? This “gift” (Romans 12.8)? Enter mercy.

Put simply the role of the priest in the Old Testament was to act as a conduit of fellowship between God and His people. When you combine this role with our definition of mercy – an active response to the plight of another – you see that mercy is a “greater gift” (1 Corinthians 12.31) as it empowers the believer to respond to his needy brother/sister with the compassion of God and points them to the one that would bring their healing. Thus the gift of mercy is exercised and the role of priest is on display, accessing the greater mercies of God! Again, mercy seen in the life of a believer most reflects in us the character of God.


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