An inspiring life!

Lights 4 God

Born DECEMBER 16, 1867

Amy Carmichael.  [PD-1923] Amy Carmichael.

It began with Preena. The 7-year-old girl fled the Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, India in fear. She found Amy Carmichael, an English missionary. Hearing Preena’s story and learning the truth about female temple slaves gave Amy’s ministry new direction. She began sheltering girls from lives of temple prostitution.


The Ireland-born Amy became a Christian at age 15. She served God by holding Bible studies for poor female factory workers. They were nicknamed “shawlies” because, unable to afford hats, they kept their heads warm by covering them with their shawls. Amy’s Bible class of shawlies grew so large she had a meeting hall built where she could teach them. She christened it “The Welcome.”

In 1887, Amy attended a meeting to hear Hudson Taylor of China Inland Mission. She sensed God calling her to serve in a foreign land. In 1892, she was packed to leave for China, but at the last minute received word she hadn’t passed the physical.

Believing God uses even our…

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