So Don’t Move


“As the Father has lavished Me with His love, so have I lavished you. So don’t move! Resist the temptation to fulfill your love needs somewhere else. Stay content in my love by following the path I have laid out for you – just as I have followed my Father’s ways and remained secure in His love. I have instructed you in these ways so I may burst with pride in the way you have followed me; that you too could experience fullness of joy! My instructions could not be any clearer – lavish your love on others as I have done on you! This is the most exalted expression of love – to lay down your life (your entire being) for your friend. You are my friends if you stay on the path I have called you to. I no longer call you a slave, because a slave does not know his Master’s plans. Instead, I have called you friends, because everything I received from my Father I have disclosed to you. These things came to you not because you were someone special but because I chose and empowered you to bear fruit – fruit that will endure – so in whatever you ask in the authority of my name the Father will give you. This is my mandate: Love each other!” (John 15: 9-17, Mark’s paraphrase)


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